PTA awards ceremony

There’s no more beautiful evening than a Christmas Eve celebrated by Polish people. Christmas Eve traditions have been deeply ingrained in our lives for whole generations. Christmas Eve supper matters a lot and is celebrated with reverence in family, social and professional circles.

Polish Tourfilm Academy Christmas supper with a beautiful Christmas tree, a table filled with twelve dishes as the tradition has it, attracts film artists, photographers, musicians, poets, journalists and tourism organizations’ representatives. The meeting is always accompanied by carol singing, poetry reciting, gift-giving, folk shows, and the Polish Tourfilm Academy‘s Committee awarding the winners in recognition of achievements in promoting cultural and tourism highlights of our country at the international scene.

There’s always an opportunity for everyone to perform and present their artistic work in front of the audience. This year we heard a carol concert by Marlena Uziębło, who was in the process of preparing a concert of Marlene Dietrich’s songs for the ITB fair in Berlin. She presented parts of the concert of a great cinema legend. Siedlce was represented not only by Marlena Uziębło but also by the whole of the Culture and Art Center committee, led by Director Mariusz Orzełowski. There were also personal dedications. Eugeniusz Kasjanowicz, a known poet from Siedlce, dedicated his wonderful poem to Maria Pomianowska, which was undoubtedly a moving moment.

Kadzidło district mayor Dariusz Łukaszewski brought with him the whole of the Kurpie folk regional flavor: there was a concert, dancing, folk art cutting paper, a famous Kurpie spider-stunning decoration of the local houses and Kurpie wedding chit-chat.

Everybody took their farewell pictures whose main focus was Zbigniew Żmudzki, a Se-Ma-For studio chairman, expert on the Polish puppet animation awarded with two Oscars.


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