Program Committee

  • Alexander Kammel – Comité International des Festivals du Film Touristique in Vienna – Lead of the Festival Working Group
  • Zbigniew Żmudzki – Se-Ma-For Film Production – Lead of the Film Working Group
  • Profesor Andrzej Bednarek - The Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in ŁódĽ– Lead of the Education Working Group
  • Profesor Stanisław Wieczorek – Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw – Lead of Art Working Group
  • Dr Maria Pomianowska – Cracow Music Academy – Lead of the Music Working Group
  • Professor Jacek Weiss – Lead of the Chopin Tourism Working Group
  • Jolanta Olszewska – City Hall of Kobyłka – Head of the Group for the Promotion of the Best Monuments of Cultural Heritage
  • Magdalena Marszałkowska – Director of the Malbork Welcome Center – Lead of the City/ Region Promotion by Historic Sites Working Group
  • Mariusz Orzełowski – Director of the Centre of Arts and Culture in Siedlce – Lead of the City/Region Promotion by Music Working Group
  • Andrzej Danowski – Director of The Centre of Landscape and Countryknowledge Photography of the Polish Tourism and Local Lore Society – Lead of the Photography Working Group
  • Jan Korsak – president of Polish Chamber of Tourism – Lead of the Tourist Working Group
  • Andrew Osobka – Lead of Translators Working Group
  • Arkadiusz Kiełbasa – Director of Promotion Department in City Hall in Sieradz – Lead of the Antoine Working Group
  • Aleksandra Kotus – Film, Art & Tourism in Warsaw – Lead of the Ecology Working Group
  • Ewa Kotus – Film, Art & Tourism in Warsaw – Lead of the Media Working Group
  • Marek Szymański – Lead of the Film Tourism Group
  • Tomasz Kryszkiewicz – director of “Take Care Design” – Head of The Group for Advertising and Scientific Publications

The Program Committee is authorized to shape a PTA program policy and to represent the Academy in accordance with the interests of the founding member and the PTA objectives. The work of the Program Committee is subject to evaluation by the founding member.

From a legal and financial standpoint, the Academy is an internal structure of Foundation EUROPE 2004. All financial operations are done exclusively by Foundation EUROPE 2004. The PTA membership fees are the assets of the founding member.

Honorary PTA members and leads of the working groups can participate in Program Committee meetings as advisors.

The main task of the Program Committee is to pursue the objectives of the PTA. The founding member has the right to veto any decision made by the PTA Committee if it is illegal and/or incompatible with the main objectives of the Academy and/or it violates the interests of the founding member.

The founding member accepts the make-up of each working group developed by their respective leads. The term of each working group expires at the end of the term of the Program Committee.

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