International Tourfilm Academy at the ITB Berlin
Marlene Dietrich Concert
ITA Award for City of Berlin
March, 2012

It’s been twenty years since the death of a great cinema legend, Marlene Dietrich. It is the right moment to reflect on the power of the silver screen, which seems to be the only medium capable of producing such timeless stars of great stature as Marlene Dietrich, whose fame is remembered in every part of the world. As the CIFFT International Committee of Tourism Film members, we will walk you through the places where our festivals are held.

The world-renowned Casino Palm Beach, a venue for the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards Festival, proudly reminds you that Marlene Dietrich was its frequent guest and performed there at the peak of her fame. One can only wonder whether the exquisite Grand Prix award of the White Dolphin, already a great dream for many of the world’s filmmakers, will eclipse the legend of Marlene Dietrich, whose vivid fame Cannes still considers a valuable marketing asset.

Marlene Dietrich owes her popularity to Los Angeles, the world famous movie capital which is home to the CIFFT US International Film & Video Festival. FilmAT (Film, Art & Tourism Festival) takes place in Warsaw which proudly remembers Marlene Dietrich’s outstanding artistic performance at a concert in January 1964. Its first part featured a performance of our great artist, Czesław Niemen, while the other part belonged to Marlene Dietrich. The artist heard and fell in love with Niemen’s fine song “Do you still remember me?” and as early as in November 1964 she recorded it with her own lyrics "Mutter, hast du mir vergeben".

And finally there’s Berlin, Marlene Dietrich’s hometown, with its famous ITB tourist fair and The Golden City Gate Festival that has proudly celebrated the great film traditions of the city for eleven years now. This year, Marlene Dietrich was the focus of the movie festival and performances of her popular songs by a Polish artist, Marlena Uziębło, were intended to emphasize the power of the movies and acknowledge the importance of Berlin as a great film center.

The International Tourfilm Academy (CIFFT member) has made a decision to award the city of Berlin for its outstanding film traditions with a popular “Tourist” statuette. As it was in the 30s, Berlin still remains one of the major world film centers. The award recipients include some of the finest artists such as Roman Polański, Krzysztof Zanussi, Andrzej Wajda, and the CIFFT management on the 20th anniversary of the organization. The vice-president of the Polish Tourism Organization Elżbieta W±sowicz- Zaborek, vice- president of the City of Siedlce Anna Sochacka and a chairman of Polish Tourfilm Academy Alexander Kammel attended the festival to hand the statuette. Though Marlene Dietrich had never visited Siedlce in person, during the ceremony, the city’s symbolic presence will serve as a reminder of a wonderful place that continues to preserve her heritage. Marlena Uziębło comes from Siedlce, and as the ProDeutsch Society founder, promotes a German language through such events as concerts of Marlene Dietrich’s famous songs.

Tourist film and its influence

Since the great power of the film that can promote such stars as Marlene Dietrich cannot be denied, it is clear that a great number of excellent film productions focus on indisputable values or the world’s beauty spots promote them effectively as a result. That’s the reason why the role of tourfilms cannot be emphasized strongly enough.

The International Committee of Tourism Film CIFFT, considered the greatest tourfilm specialist worldwide, is a body which plays a crucial role in promoting cities, regions, countries, traditions, monuments as well as ecology, education, sport, active leisure and health.

Its members, fourteen festivals scattered over the globe, cooperate actively with one another. At the end of each year the best tourfilm is selected and awarded with a CIFFT Grand Prix. Widely watched and carefully selected film entries go a long way through CIFFT festivals before winners are finally announced for their excellence in their respective genres.

As the tourfilm best specialist, CIFFT also educates the world in this respect. Under the patronage of CIFFT, Polish Tourfilm Academy invites experts to give lectures on the latest trends and technologies, leads discussions on the most relevant issues with the aim of helping to create top quality tourfilms, and for the benefit of sponsors and funders.

International meetings that feature a well made city or country campaign, not necessarily focusing on tourism, against other promotional or marketing campaigns, also play an important role. The upcoming Paris meeting in the grand setting of the Balzac cinema will present a promotional campaign by the Polish Tourist Organization, accompanied by the films which received Cannes Corporate Media and TV awards.

The meeting is intended to showcase the professional excellence of the Festival, high quality of films, as well as jury’s fine decision-making process. Above all, it will remind the audience that a Polish film “Move your imagination” was the latest Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards winner in the tourism category, awarded with a Gold Dolphin.

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