Andrzej Danowski

Professional curriculum vitae:

Mr. Danowski is the director of the PTTK Center for Natural Photography in £ód¼. He is also the publisher of the regional quarterly PTTK "Wźdrownik", which has been in circulation for over 52 years. The magazine has been recently awarded in the category of tourist magazines and guides by POT at the Mieczys³aw Or³owicz Competition and Poznań Fair. Richly illustrated with HD color photographs, it also includes pictures from the archive collection of the PTTK Center for Natural Photography.

Mr. Danowski takes pleasure in photographing heritage buildings, monuments, and beautiful landscapes. This may be a result of his numerous qualifications: Heritage Protection Instructor, Natural Photography Instructor, Polish Tourism Instructor, and Environmental Protection Instructor. Andrzej Danowski is an organizer or co-organizer of many photography exhibitions, both at home and abroad.

Pictures by Andrzej Danowski are diversified, from documentaries to purely artistic forms, such as structural photography. Mr. Danowski uses his documentary pictures in numerous publications and lectures that he conducts at several universities in £ód¼ as well as various courses. He trains tourist guides and is an Euro -NGO specialist, a EU fund raising program for non-governmental institutions. Currently, Mr. Danowski presides over the PTTK Heritage Protection Commission; he is also a vice chairman of the ZG PTTK Natural Photography Commission. Mr. Danowski is a member of the Board of the Heritage Protection Society in Warsaw and a member of the Management of the Provincial Tourist Organization in £ód¼.

Andrzej Danowski is a graduate of £ód¼ Polytechnics and University of £ód¼. He has been a photographer for over 40 years, which is more of a family tradition.

Mr. Danowski has received a Golden Cross of Merit, a Badge of Honor in Tourism and Culture, a Golden Badge of Honor for Heritage Protection, and a number of distinctions from PTTK, including the Golden Honorary Badge of PTTK. He has also received many provincial awards.

The two awards that Andrzej Danowski holds dearest to his heart are the Honorary Fryderyk Kremser's Award and Special Award at the International Tourist Film Festival.

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