Tomasz Ogrodowczyk

Professional curriculum vitae:

"Why do I take photographs and film nature and why I record trills and voices of wild animals? The answer to this question is not explicit and straightforward. First of all, I would like to preserve for future generations the picture of the Polish nature which I just love. At the same time, I would like to share with others my fascination, enchantment with the world that many people have never seen and will certainly never have the chance to see. And I show it in the way I perceive it, from close up, without secrets, colourful, singing and beautiful".

Tomasz Ogrodowczyk - since his birth, he is a great lover of nature, a photographer for 25 years, a film maker for 15 years, and a sound maker for 10 years, all in one person. He loves nature not only with his heart but almost with every frame of a film, with every photo and every sound. The nature in his works is a splendid hero, unsurpassed in perfection and unfathomable in its secrets. Tomasz Ogrodowczyk has graduated from the Agricultural Academy of Poznań and the The National University of Film, Television and Theater in Łódź. He has been working permanently for the Forestry Film Studio of the Centre for Development and Implementation of the State Forests in Bedoń. He makes films about nature and forests. He is a member of the Union of Polish Wildlife Photographers (ZPFP). For a dozen or so years he has published articles on nature and photography. He has got over 170 publications to his name. He took part in over twenty photographic exhibitions, seven of which were individual exhibitions in Poland. Moreover, he participated in about 40 meetings and individual displays.

He also has a dozen or so CDs with the voices of animals, mostly birds’ voices. He made several dozen films such as "Forest Heritage" (1998), "Forest Impressions" (1999), "The Symbiosis of Mushrooms and Plants - Mycorrhiza" (2001), "Forest trees" (2002), "Ballad about the Wood" (2004), "Hunting in Polish Forests" (2005), "A Year in the Primeval Forest" (2005) and the last film "Marshes and Wild Areas" (2007), which was carried out for four years, and which presents the story about the occupants of the wildest and marshy spots of Poland.

The articles in the following magazines:
Przyroda Polska, Parki Narodowe, Echa Leśne, Głos Lasu, National Geographic, Łowiec Polski, Wiadomości Wędkarskie (1994-1997 - permanent co-operation), Wędkarski Świat (1997-2000- permanent co-operation), Foto, Poznajmy Las, Las Polski and others.

- "The Bolesław Papi Wildlife Reserve on Zgierzynieckie Lake” (1995)

The co-author of photographs in books and albums:
- Downstream Warta River (1996),
- The Nature of Pila province and its protection (1997),
- Protected Animals in Poland (1999),
- The Tatra National Park (1999),
- The Biebrza National Park (2000),
- The Bory Tucholskie National Park (2000),
- The Mazury National Park (2001),
- The Polesie National Park (2002),
- Forest - Our Common Heritage (2004)
- The Birds of Poland - Part I and Part II (2006/2007)
- The Birds of Poland - The Illustrated Encyclopedia (2007)
- The Young Observer of Nature - The Amphibians and Reptiles (2007)
- Our birds - The Best Pictures of Polish Photographers of Nature (2007)


The All-Poland Contest of Nature and Ecology Photography " Foto-Eko" (1994 – the first place, 1995 – the second place, 1996 – the second place, 1997 - the second place),

Włodzimierz Puchalski Photography Contest organized by the magazine Łowiec Polski (1996 - the third place as well as a distinction, 2007 - the third place)

"We get to know the Landscape Parks of Poznań Region ” - A Photography Contest (1997 - the first place),

“OPTAL“ - IV All-Poland Review of Artistic Work Of Foresters - 1998 - the prize in photography,

“ZPFP“ - The competition of the photographer of the year in Łódź Region: The photographer of 2004 and 2005.

VISIONS of NATURE FESTIVAL 2005 - the of display of pictures organized by the Union of Polish Wildlife Photographers (ZPFP) and the Kampinoski National Park - the prize of the public as well as a distinction for professional sound-track, and for the work "The secrets of swamps”

A bronze medal for the photographic works - Szczecin, "Multidiaporama 2006”

VISIONS of NATURE FESTIVAL 2006 - the contest of pictures organized by ZPFP and the Kampinoski National Park - the first prize and the prize of the public for the work "The Rut”.

Avarded in 2007 15th International Federation of Wildlife Photography Competition - 2nd prize in "Slide show indyvidual collection" category to "THE RUT" - 22nd June 2007 Hungary

Awarded in 2007 - 15th International Federation of Wildlife Photography Competition - 2nd prize in "Slide show individual collection" category this "The Rut" - 22nd June 2007 Hungary

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