Micha³ Ogrodowczyk

Professional curriculum vitae:

The graduate of the Animal Husbandry and Animal Biology department at the Agricultural Academy of Poznań. He has been dealing with wildlife photography for a dozen or so years.

In 2006 he becomes a member of the Union of Polish Wildlife Photographers (ZPFP) in £ód¼ Region, where he has presented his works at some exhibitions.

In 2004 he starts working for the Forestry Film Studio of the Centre for Development and Implementation of the State Forests in Bedoń as a cameraman.

He is a co-author of photographs for many films about nature and forests such as "A Year in the Primeval Forest", " The Reflection of Nature”, " A narrow-gauge railway through Bieszczady Forests - a sentimental journey”. He also is a director of some films such as "Kozienicka Primeval Forest”, "The Green Bicycle”, "Monitoring and limiting of the population of cockchafers in the National Forests in 2007r.”

In 2007, together with his brother, he makes his next film "Marshes and Wild Areas".


The 9th National and 5th International Maciej £ukowski Festival of Films on Ecology, EKOFILM 2006 - a prize for the photography of the film "A Year in the Primeval Forest” - Nowogard, 17-19 May 2006

The Adam Loret Prize of the National Forests - 2006 Edition - a distinction in the category: for works on promotion and creation of favourable image of the National Forests, popularization of the knowledge about the National Forests as well as about the mission and role of this organization for Polish Nature, in the section: education - for the film "A Year in the Primeval Forest"

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