Every person of age invited by the Academy can become a PTA member who can take part in the PTA works. Other persons can become members only upon recommendation of at least one PTA member and upon approval of the Program Committee.

Every organization or corporation supporting the PTA activities can become a corporate member upon approval of the Committee. The corporate members can use the PTA logo with information about their membership in the place of their residence.

Membership fees

The PTA members pay annual membership fees as follows:

Regular members, cultural institutions and associations
Other institutions
Corporate members (small business, up to 3 employees)
Corporate members (medium-sized business, 3-10 employees)
Corporate members (large business, over 10 employees)

100€ / rok
500€ / rok
200€ / rok
300€ / rok
500€ / rok

Membership fees exemptions:

  • Honorary PTA members
  • PTA employees
  • PTA employees
  • Leads of the activity groups during their term

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