7th FilmAT & 5th Polish Tourfilm Academy Conference

Held under the auspices of the Minsistry of Cultural Heritage, Polish Tourism Organization, Masovian Voivodeship Marshall, Masovian Regional Tourism Organization and Polish Film Institute, the Seventh FilmAT – Film, Art & Tourism Festival, which took place on May 17-18 in Warsaw, ended in achieving an international success. Being a member of CIFFT in Vienna together with 13 festival-members scattered all over the world, the Film, Art & Tourism Festival had the honor of presenting many filmmakers from different countries as well as the CIFFT director, Alexander Kammel, and the representatives of other festivals associated by the CIFFT organization. The VII Film, Art & Tourism was hosted by its director, Ewa Kotus www.filmat-festival.com

Traditionally Polish Tourfilm Academy Conference accompanied Festival.

Theater Glamor Within the Reach of Every Tourist
The 5th Conference of the Polish Tourfilm Academy

The subject of this year’s conference called Theater Glamor Within the Reach of Every Tourist was the settings in tourism promotion. The fame surrounding movie stars is transferred onto the places they go to or where they shot their movies. They are a magnet for tourists from around the world. The conference was attended by the representatives of France, Croatia, Austria, Greece, and Poland, talking about many famous places and their importance in development of tourism. The conference was opened by Alexander Kammel, honorary president of the Polish Tourfilm Academy, director of CIFFT in Vienna. It was hosted by Ewa Kotus, director of Polish Tourfilm Academy and the Film, Art & Tourism Festival.

List of Speakers

1. Andreas Murray – director of Tourism in Traunsee Region (Austria) Films and TV series as a tourism promoting tool. Example pf Schlosshotel Orth Gmunden (A hotel in Castle Orth in Gmunden)

2. Zbigniew Żmudzki – president of Se-Ma-For Studios in ŁódĽ (Poland) The Se-Ma-For Studios is a true perl. Two Oscars: a 1983 Oscar for Tango by Zbigniew Rybczynski and a 2008 Oscar for Peter and the Wolf. The Se-Ma-For Film Festival has a firm position in the world of animation. Se-Ma-For Museum brings to ŁódĽ movie lovers from around the world...

3. Anna Somorowska – director of the Masovian Tourism Organization. Masovia in Film - majority of Polish productions were made in Masovia, including Krzysztof Kieslowski’s films or Roman Polanski’s The Pianist. (Poland)

4. Wojciech Heliński – actor, promoter of cultural events, president of Fundus.Glacensis Association. The mysterious Table Mountains in the world-famous Chronicles of Narnia and other films. (Poland)

5. Alison Womack – YPERIA Cultural Meeting – Amorgos (Greece) The Big Blue by Luc Besson and the fame of Jean Reno as the promotional force of the beautiful Island of Amargos. Presentation of underwater picture by expert Libor Spacek (Czech Republic)

6. Joanna Szewczykowska – promotional director of the Museum of the Masovian Countryside in Sierpc. (Poland) The Museum in Sierpc as a popular setting for a number of movie productions.

7. Ewa Kotus – journalist, director of PTA Hotel Sofitel VICTORIA - situated in the center of Warsaw, the host of the conference, featured in many film productions.

8. Spomenka Saraga – filmmaker, director of Zagreb Tourfilm Festival and Valentin Nikolić – journalist (Croatia) Winnetou and other movies made in the scenic settings of Croatia.

9. Agnieszka Warchulińska – journalist, author of the book Piotrków in Film. Historic Piotrków Trybunalski as a setting in many productions. (Poland)

10. Georges Pessis – film director, director of Deauville Green Awards. Bracia Brothers – the film pioneers – as a magnet for Lyon. (France)

11. Dariusz Socha - representative of the City of Sandomierz Sandomierz and “Ojciec Mateusz” – promotional success in the popular TV series. (Poland)

12. Tomasz and Michał Ogrodowczyk – holders of multiple awards, filmmakers of the National Forest Film Center at Bedon, experts at the Polish Tourfilm Academy. Beautiful Polish forests in film productions. (Poland)

Unforgettable concert

On Thursday, May 17 at the Great Chamber of the Royal Castle in Warsaw we attended an unforgettable concert, which was part of the XXVI Warsaw Music Encounters, called Early Music - New Music. The royal interiors were a good background for the elegant concert performed by National Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, featuring solist, saxophonist Alina Mleczko, conducted by Krzysztof Słowiński. We had an opportunity to listen to the works of the contemporary composers, such as Feliks Łabuński, Grzegorz Duchnowski, Edward Sielicki, Zbigniew Penherski, Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil and Krzesimir Dębski. I looked at the guests, especially those from abroad. They took delight in every single piece, enjoying their diversity, though some of the works were often hard for listeners with no musical background.

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